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  1. If you compare this chapter to the previous one, you’ll see that I’ve changed the way I color the comic. I took an online class from Color With Kurt ( and learned so much, that I just had to give it a try.

    I’m loving the new look, especially how it gives me the ability to make things “glow” in the panels, something that wasn’t possible with the cell-shading technique I used previously.

    What do you think? Any other thoughts about this chapter? I’d love to hear from you!

  2. WOW! What growth since chapter 2! Amazing. I especially love the coloring. Lots of emotional punch here too! Woo Hoo! I love this story and can’t wait to see more. (Poor squeaky toy… 🙁 )

    1. Thank you for the great comment! And yes, the squeaky toy… alas.

  3. LOVE THIS!!! The colors look so good and I genuinely laughed out loud at the storage unit mayhem. Also, here are some recommendations for Jules’ + Gladdy’s movie night (ie vampires die movies) – Interview with a Vampire, Blade II, The Lost Boys, 30 days of night, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula 😈 🧛🏼‍♀️

    1. Thank you for the great movie recommendations! So fun!

  4. Such a great mix of tender and heartbreaking! Love the ferocity of Gladdy’s post-break up werewolf anger… but cute chewy Vlad isn’t too blame! Maybe real Vlad, but I have to admit a growing fondness for his shameless break-ins and his waiting-for-texts-in-a-literal-casket.

    1. Poor stuffy! I agree, it should have been real Vlad instead! Thank you for the kind comment!

  5. I rarely read fiction, much less fantasy but this is so much fun to read. I want to see what happens! Vlad is a piece of poo and she better not go back to him.
    I don’t have a lot of experience reading comics so I don’t have a comment on the two different coloring styles. They both look good to me.
    The personality of the friend Jules feels so authentic and her expressions are great. I love her. Keep the attitude coming. I hope she stays in the story.

    1. I’m so glad I was able to entertain even though you had to step out of your usual lane! That’s high praise indeed!

      I love Jules. She’s so much fun to write and draw.

  6. My Ex Vlad continues to provide pathos and snort worthy laughs. Can totally see the art evolution. I recommend Billy Holiday for break up music. Can’t improve on Cheyenne’s suggested movie list. Though for all the vamp staking maybe Buffy would be cathartic. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment and the music recommendation. Billy Holiday’s music is so wonderfully emotive.

  7. Great stuff!

    1. Yes! Will do! And thank you!

  8. Love how this chapter turned out!!! Digging the new coloring too!

    1. Yay! Thank you. *blush* Sensei read my work!

  9. Love the new way you color, and it was nice to see the characters bonding over the phone. Nice set up for the next chapter. I just kept saying “BOY BYE!” when it was the closeup panel of Vlad texting her lol. Keeping me entertained. I love drama and angst in stories I read. Keep smiling, Yawatta

    1. Ha ha ha! I know, right. So gone.

      Thanks for the read. Always fun to hear from a fellow comics artist!

  10. Ps. The look amazing on my phone!

    1. Thank you for checking it on your phone! Happy to be mobile-friendly.

  11. “Bloody” awesome new coloring style 🙂

  12. So good! I loved the storage unit sequence. That kiss blown to the surveillance cam was perfect and showed so much about his powers and personality.
    And can we talk about that booty?! 😉🍑

    1. Okay. Remind me not to drink tea while reading your comments — that booty, indeed!🤣

      Thanks for the read and the kind words!

  13. I’m not seeing my old comment for some reason, so just thought I’d express again how exciting this is!! Haha, love nude Vlad wandering around the apartment, Gladdy’s ferocious bat-ripping scene, Jules rolling her eyes at the madness, and the break-in to the casket! Can’t wait to read the next installment!

    1. I forgot to approve comments *doh!* Thanks for the kind words — twice!

  14. This is one kickass chapter! The posture of Vlad hugging their werewolf knees is amazing.
    The hint thst this isn’t the first time was well played. Bacon and ice cream??
    Jules’ sewing room and her cutting out patterns are very realistic.
    I’m eager to see what Vlad and Jules are going to do out at night.
    I like the new coloring.
    Well done.

    1. Werewolves LOVE raw bacon and ice cream. Doesn’t everyone know that? 🙂

      TBH, the background for Jules sewing room is a part of my studio, photographed on my iphone, corrected perspective for fisheye lens (that’s what’s on an iphone) and then traced. 😉